Best Places To See The Blossom and Beginning of Spring in Spain

Throughout Spain the arrival of blossom signifies the beginning of spring. Stunning displays of cherry, orange and almond blossom can be enjoyed in many locations around the country, each with a distinct aroma and colour.

Jerte Valley, Extremadura – Cherry Blossom

Every March near the town of Cáceres, in Extremadura the hills come alive with pink cherry blossom. Towards the end of March or beginning of April the landscape changes completely and the mountains turn white and pink for around ten days. Visitors can stroll from village to village taking in the sight and smell of the cherry blossom. Locals celebrate the arrival of spring and the beautiful blossom with exhibitions, medieval markets, tasting routes and musical performances throughout the local towns and villages.

Seville, Andalucía – Orange Blossom

The city of Seville is filled with the subtle fragrance of azahar – orange blossom – in springtime. Seville in March is cool but sunny, so visitors can roam around the city taking in the sweet smelling blossom from the 40,000 trees that line the streets and squares. Seville oranges were used in ancient times by the Arabs to make perfume – legend has it that Genoese sailors picked up the trees in Asia and brought them to Spain, where they represented good luck, which explains why there are so many planted in the city and its gardens.

Ibiza, Balearic Islands – Almond Blossom

For five weeks over February and March, an orchard in the northeast village of Santa Ines, Ibiza, is covered by a pink and white blanket of almond blossom. The fall of these five weeks changes every year depending on the sun and warmth the trees received over winter. The valley becomes enveloped in a peaceful display of spring blossom, which locals see as marking the end of winter and the coming of spring. Visitors can enjoy an afternoon stroll in the spring sunshine, with almond aroma filling the air.


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