World Paella Day 2020 will be taking place on Sunday 20 September when the world will celebrate one of Spain’s most iconic dishes; paella. World Paella Day is a recognition of the most universal dish in Spanish cuisine. A day in which Valencians share a dish of humble origins that has now reached all corners of the globe with eight million searches a year online. With the variance in recipes and ingredients from dish to dish, paella is truly an international dish. So here is all you need to know about World Paella Day 2020 and how to celebrate it. 

Cook your own authentic Valencian Paella

The organisers at World Paella Day 2020 want you to get involved and cook your very own Valencian paella. In order to give you a helping hand and provide some of the secrets to cooking a truly authentic paella dish, they have enlisted the help of top paella chefs to produce their own recipes featuring the key paella ingredients and complete with video cookalongs. The recipes are available below together with the video cookalong for Miriam and Manolo's authentic Valencian paella. For the video cookalongs, please click here.

Manolo y Miriam de Andrés Valencian Paella

Sergio y Sonia Box Arròs a Banda

Miguel Barrera Mountain Rice

World Paella Day Compeition 2020

The Spanish Tourist Office is hosting a competition whereby winners will get their hands on an authentic paella cooking set. The rules are simple; participants simply need to reply to the competition post with the photo of their favourite paella and the place where it was taken in the caption hashtagging #WorldPaellaDay2020. The competition posts can be found on Twitter at @Spain_inUK and on Facebook at Spain.Info.GB. Participants must also be following the respective social media channels as winners will be notified directly on those platforms. The terms and conditions are available here.

World Paella Day Cup 

The World Paella Day Cup is being launched to celebrate World Paella Day in its more digital version for 2020. This is an international competition that will see eight different chefs from around the world go head-to-head to reach the grand final and be crowned the champion in its inaugural year. The quarter final stages have now been announced and will see the chefs judged on their paella making skills which will be judged by a judging panel. The winners will advance to the next round in the hopes they can reach the final.


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