The Menorca tourism board, with the support of the Spanish Tourist Office in London, will launch a marketing campaign in the UK.

The UK market, a priority for the island, is part of a new marketing strategy chosen to reinforce the image of Menorca and encourage visitors all-year round.

The campaign will run across a variety of on and off line media platforms to target Britons interested in Menorca´s tourist offer, such as culture, wellness, gastronomy or outdoor activities, amongst others.

To grab the attention and focus on customer retention, the print campaign will include a series of advertorials in the printed and online versions of a national newspaper (The Independent), and in the digital version of the Evening Standard, the most read paper in London and South East England. In addition, Menorca will be featured in specialised magazines such as Adventure Travel and Cyclist as a way to promote Menorca’s resources and infrastructure to cater for activity holidays.

The main focus however, will be on social media. The challenge is to convey an important message to a fragmented audience minimising costs. The way to achieve this is by generating own content or selected one from third parties that is relevant, memorable and preferably viral; a communication strategy based on low volume (segmentation) and high impact (memorability), rather than the traditional high volume, low impact (publicity).

The Spanish Tourist Office in London has designed a specific digital strategy for UK following Turespaña’s digital plan. It consists in a dedicated social hashtag #MustSeeMenorca created to generate interest and engagement, and to increase the visibility and aspirationality of Menorca as a destination to visit.

Furthermore, the Spanish Tourist Office in London will reinforce the promotion of the campaign increasing awareness through their own channels, including the Social News Hub (with over 154,654 visits), Facebook (with more than 1,569,833 fans worldwide, from which over 200,000 are from the UK) @Spain_inUK twitter profile (23,500 followers) & @Spain (160,000 followers) and Instagram @Spain ( with 31,100 followers).

The impact of the social media campaign is estimated to exceed 15 million impressions, with over one million users reach.



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