Aragón has outlined its plans to celebrate the 275th anniversary since the birth of legendary painter Francisco de Goya y Lucientes who hailed from the region and went on to create one of the greatest artistic legacies in history.

Goya is considered the most important Spanish artist of the late 18th and early 19th centuries and is celebrated as both one of the last of the Old Masters and a forefather of modern art. His masterpieces include a portrait of Charles IV of Spain and his family (1800-1801), The Third of May (1808-1814), and the infamous Saturn Devouring His Son (1819-1823) which is part of the Black Paintings collection and displayed in the Prado Museum in Madrid.

Now in 2021, Aragón will celebrate his life with a programme of events that will take place in cities such as the capital, Zaragoza, and his hometown of Fuendetodos where visitors can pay a visit to his home which was declared a Historic National Monument in 1982.

Zaragoza, the capital of Aragón, will host the following exhibitions in honour of Goya:

Exhibition: Immersive project of Goya’s Black Paintings

Dates: June 2021 – August 2021

Location: Pablo Serrano Museum

Exhibition: Surrealist poetics

Dates: June 2021- September 2021

Location: Pablo Serrano Museum

Exhibition: Goya’s destroyed paintings in Fuendetodos

Dates: 7 October 2021 – 9 January 2022

Location: Sástago Palace

Exhibition: Goya, artist on the Grand Tour

Dates: December 2021 – March 2022

Location: Zaragoza Museum

The Zaragoza City Council will also be running a programme to celebrate the anniversary that will contain a series of cultural activities such as urban art exhibitions in the city centre with reinterpretations of Goya’s works created by young Aragonese artists and Goya figures put in place to be decorated by visitors as well as street theatre productions and other activities.

For foodies, the celebratory programme will also include the Goya Tapas Routes which has seen several establishments, selected based on criteria such as their proximity to prominent places linked to the artist and his legacy, offering set menus inspired by Goya and the era he thrived in.

Goya and his legacy as one of the greatest artists of all time have made the small village of Fuendetodos world famous. The village, which is around 50km from Zaragoza, contains the Engraving Museum, Zuluaga Hall and Goya’s birth home. This inconspicuous farm house where the great artist was born in 1746 now features three floors decorated with furniture and objects that transport visitors back to the 18th century and give them a glimpse into the early life of one of history’s most renowned artists.

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