Barcelona celebrates ethical approaches to fashion at Barcelona Sustainable Fashion Week 

On 16 – 17 September, Barcelona will host Sustainable Fashion Week, a two-day event celebrating environmentally conscious approaches to fashion and design. The event was organised in collaboration with Humana, an organisation dedicated to improving living standards across the globe, particularly through promoting the concept of a circular economy and the re-use of textiles and fabrics. 

Hosted within the chic surrounds of Juno House, the B-Corp-certified event (tag-lined ‘Sustainability is not an option, it is a necessity’) aims to raise awareness of the ethical implications of fashion as well as celebrating the work of figures within the world of sustainable fashion. The show brings together sustainability-focused designers, brands and industry experts, and award categories include Sustainable Designer of the Year, Sustainable Emerging Designer of the Year and The Look of the Year. Visitors to the show will have the chance to experience sustainable fashion shows as well as to attend other events that place environmental consciousness at their core. The Barcelona Sustainable Fashion Week team also organise events throughout the rest of the year, including sustainable markets. 

Sustainability challenges facing the fashion industry have come to the forefront of discussions recently, with topics such as fast fashion, manufacturing waste, greenwashing and carbon footprint under fire. In reaction to global Fashion Week events, which have not escaped criticism, sustainable and slow fashion weeks have been popping up in cities across the globe, including Madrid (April), Stockholm (August) and London (September). 

Details of events can be found on the team’s Instagram or Facebook page. Tickets can be purchased here

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