After the excitement of December, January can feel like a bit of a drag and many are left wondering what to do with themselves. The best way to stick to New Year’s resolutions and combat the January blues is to stay active and eat well.  What better place to do so than in Spain, where sunny skies, pristine beaches and snowy slopes provide the perfect environment for an action packed holiday.

Surf your way along the Costa Verde

The north of Spain has a long and varied coastline which means that, on one of the many picturesque beaches, you are guaranteed to find waves. There are always a few safe bets, Mundaka in The Basque Country, for example, is renowned worldwide for its huge left waves. There are are surfer havens dotted all the way along the coastline: Playa de Vega, Xagó and Rodiles in Asturias are well known for their great waves as well as their beautiful, mountainous backdrops.

This time of year the swell is bigger, better, stronger, more consistent, and needless to say the water is a lot less crowded. The temperature is a little fresh, but it’s nothing that can’t be solved with a wetsuit. After a day’s surf, make sure to enjoy the delicious, fresh seafood that each of these coastal regions has to offer.

Bike around La Palma

The terrain of the lesser known Canary Island, La Palma, is a paradise for avid mountain bikers in search of unique and exhilarating trails. The landscapes of the smallest island in the Canarian archipelago range from dense pine and Laurel forests to volcanic mountainsides and unspoiled coastlines, and provide a variety of trails for everyone, from beginners to more experienced bikers.

La Palma is home to the Caldera de Taburiente, a massive volcanic crater surrounded by cloud-covered mountainous peaks. It boasts the world’s longest single trail that leads down to the sea. This time of year, the sky is still blue and temperatures average around 18 degrees…perfect for cycling. A hearty rabbit stew, or one of the many traditional seafood options from the Canary Islands, is the ideal way to finish a day on the trails.

Ski in Sierra Nevada

The ski season is in full swing, and the snowy mountain resort of Sierra Nevada in Andalucía is gearing up for another white winter. Just 27km from Granada means you can explore the mountains by day, and head back to the city in the evening to take full advantage of being so close to traditional Andalusian restaurants. The resort boasts over 115 runs and is Europe’s sunniest ski resort, with 80% of days having glorious sunshine. This means you can get that all-important Vitamin D that is certain to boost your mood mid-winter whilst covering over 100km of pistes.

You are just a bus ride away from Granada if you fancy a trip to the breath-taking Alhambra palace or there are a number of spa treatments available within the resort to ensure you fully relax and recharge after a long day of skiing.


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