Celebrate Spain’s presence at Hampton Court Palace Flower Show

Gardens at the Pazo Rubiáns Manor House

From 9th-14th July, the Spanish Tourist Office alongside the Spanish regions of Galicia and Andalucía will be exhibiting at Hampton Court Palace Flower Show, enticing visitors with vibrant colours and inspiring material about these two Spanish regions.

Galicia is a renowned flower destination, also known as ‘the land of camellias’. These traditionally south Asian flowers have become such an integral part of the region that visitors to Galicia can follow the Camellia Route; a journey that passes from northern to southern Galicia through 12 manor houses and gardens where the camellia reigns in all its glory. There are some 8,000 varieties in gardens linked to the historical heritage of Galicia, such as the Quiñones de León Manor House, with a camellia whose crown measures more than 15 metres in diameter, or specimens of the "camellia reticulata" of the Oca and Santa Cruz de Ribadulla Manor Houses, perhaps the oldest in Europe.

Moving south through Spain to the former premier Islamic city of Cordoba in Andalucía, 'The Battle of the Flowers' is Spain’s annual Patios Festival that recognises the start of the Spring festivities and  allows visitors into the homes of others to see beautiful gardens and patio arrangements as they compete for the title of the prettiest courtyard. Accompanied by flamenco concerts and local performances, the celebration attracts flower enthusiasts and culture lovers from across the globe. More information about 'The Battle of the Flowers' can be found here.



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