Formentera was recently awarded the Starlight Tourist Destination certification from the Starlight Foundation for being one of the best places in the world to go stargazing.

This certification recognises Formentera for its clear night skies that allow astronomy lovers to enjoy the panorama of stars above them more clearly.

The environmental protection laws on the island aim to reduce the levels of light pollution and, during the off season between October and May, the levels of visitors are lower, making it the ideal time to visit to see the stars. Visiting then will allow guests to enjoy the natural beauty of Formentera at its full potential and discover why the island has been recognised as a key destination to enjoy astronomy.

A number of festivals take place across the island that invite visitors to enjoy stories told by locals whilst underneath the blanket of stars. There is plenty to uncover in Formentera before the impressive displays in the sky, from its unique landscapes to its fantastic gastronomy and pristine beaches.


A great place to see the stars is on one of Formentera’s fantastic beaches, such as at the Barbaria area, where guests can find the well-known Lighthouse of Cap de Barbaria. The lighthouse is located on the southernmost point of the Balearic Islands archipelago, making it a privileged enclave in Formentera to enjoy the night sky, especially on new moon nights.

Other ideal spots are the Torre des Garroveret , where there is almost no light pollution, as the nearest town is some six kilometres away and Can Marroig, that has a varied rocky landscape that is surrounded by nature.        

The Lighthouse of La Mola is the highest point on the island, which means it is a great spot for both panoramic views and a good view of the stars. It is the chosen place to visit for sunrise in Formentera. To see the sunset in all its glory, a trip to Faro de Cap de Barbaria, the Cala Saona beach or the Illetas beach is recommended.

For more information on stargazing in Formentera visit here.

HOW TO GET TO FORMENTERA: Regular flights from the UK to Ibiza Airport by easyJet, Ryanair, British Airways and Jet2 take approximately two hours. The distance between the two islands is short and the fastest Ibiza-Formentera ferry takes 25 min.  


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For more information on Formentera as a visitor destination visit www.formentera.es 

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