From 12-14 April 2019, London will welcome its ninth spring edition of the London Spanish Film Festival showcasing the best of Spanish screens from over the past year. With a total of nine titles, the screenings will include both critically acclaimed TV shows as well as new films never seen before in the UK. Actors and filmmakers will travel from every corner of the Iberian nation to present their work and bring unrivalled background and insight into the screenings.

Both the Regent Street Cinema and Ciné Lumière will play host to exclusive screenings, Q&A’s and seminars from key figures in the Spanish film industry. Proceedings will begin at Regent Street Cinema with a screening of Ana de día (Ana by Day), a story of a young women who feels alienated and out of place in her life only to discover she has been replaced in her everyday life by a doppelganger. Stripped from her identity, Ana feels liberated and ends up in a guesthouse with a host of eccentric characters. Following the screening of Ana de Día, spectators are able to engage in a Q&A with lead actress Ingrid García Jonsson. 

Regent Street Cinema will also showcase UK premieres such as Formentera Lady, a feature film shot on the picturesque Balearic Island of Formentera, about an ageing man, Samuel, who shies away from his responsibilities by making a living off playing his banjo, smoking and drinking in excess. One day, Samuel’s daughter arrives with the attention of leaving her ten-year-old son while she goes to France look for a new job. From there Samuel takes a momentous journey of self-discovery as he recognises his failures and shortcomings in life.

Ciné Lumière, on the other hand, will host a split-screening of Arde Madrid, another UK premier but this time a TV series that gives viewers a fresh perspective on Madrid’s elite in the early 60’s under Franco’s regime. The TV series provides enhanced aesthetics through its use of black and white while tickling the audience with a joyous sense of humour and doses of impudence, yet still conveying an underlying theme of female strength and dignity. Director and actor Paco León and producer Anna Costa, both of whom created the series, will introduce the screening of Arde Madrid before participating in a Q&A with the audience after the second half of screening.

The London Spanish Film Festival gives ‘hispanophiles’ and general cinema enthusiasts alike an opportunity to indulge in the best of Spanish film from the past year within an educational setting surrounded by like-minded others. The festival, now in its fifteenth year and ninth spring edition has been an overwhelming success with audience members coming away from the exclusive venues feeling enlightened and enriched with Spanish culture.  


Pricing varies according to individual screenings.

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