Madrid gears up for the annual Gastrofestival in January

From 24 January to 9 February 2014, the streets of Madrid will come alive with the tastes and smells of some of the most delicious dishes in Spain during the fifth annual Gastrofestival.

Visitors will be taken on a culinary journey through the capital, discovering new ingredients and recipes as they go. The food festival will consist of several themes including "Sensory Experiences", "Gastroculture", "Gourmet Madrid", "Gastrofashion" and "Gastrohealth".

Throughout the city restaurants, bars and markets will be buzzing, offering tasting menus and samples giving festivalgoers the opportunity to taste some of the best Spanish cuisine available. In addition to food tastings, museum and art gallery tours and set menus at prestigious restaurants will be on offer at discounted prices to give visitors the opportunity to explore Madrid’s culture and sample dishes cooked by Michelin starred chefs.

New for 2014 is a "Route for the sweet toothed", a sugar-filled gastronomic journey taking visitors to some of the best cake shops in the capital; a "Colombian coffee route" to fuel up by tasting different varieties of rich, authentic Colombian coffee; "Menus by Elle" where as much attention to detail is put into the design of the restaurant as the food; a lecture will be given by chef Darío Barrio about the Prado Museum and the importance of food in art; and finally, "Kitchens with history" will give the public the chance to visit the kitchens and dining room at Madrid's Royal Palace.



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