The measures will come into force on the 9th of June


Measures include a ban on drinking alcohol in the street from 10pm to 8am, new rules on pub crawls and more police surveillance

The Council of Calvià has approved new regulations to prevent antisocial behaviour in Punta Ballena/Magaluf. The objective is to guarantee the wellbeing and enjoyment of tourists and locals whilst enhancing Palma de Mallorca, Mallorca and the Balearic Islands´ reputation as a quality destination for all types of tourism.

The new regulations, due to come into force on 9 June, have been approved after consultation with the Spanish and Balearic Governments and local businesses.

The police will allow a transition period for tourists and local citizens alike to become familiar with and abide by the new regulations.

They include the following measures:

  • A ban on alcohol consumption in the street between 10pm and 8am
  • A prohibition on shops selling alcoholic drinks between midnight and 8am
  • Making the practice or encouragement of antisocial activities such as balconing, urinating or being naked in the street a serious offence that can result in fines of between €750 and €3000
  • Improvements in public safety through the police combining with other security forces such as the Spanish Civil Guard and new operational and traffic units, and the additional presence of 36 police officers during high season
  • Increased surveillance with more CCTV cameras

In addition, new rules on pub-crawls include:

  • Organizing companies will be limited to one crawl per day, between 8pm and midnight
  • A maximum of 20 participants per pub crawl.
  • Participants must be escorted by both a member of the company and an accredited security staff
  • Pub crawl staff must have first aid training
  • Pub crawl promotions must be authorised seven days in advance
  • Pub crawl participants must be over 18 years old, wear special identification clothes and provide a contact person in case of emergency.

Ms. Isabel Borrego, Spain´s Secretary of State for Tourism, said:

“The Spanish Government strongly supports the new regulations passed by Calvia Council. They will foster a new framework in which all international tourists can fully enjoy their holidays in Spain in a manner that is responsible both for themselves and the destination.”

Jaime Martinez, The Balearic Islands Tourism Counsellor, said:

“The improvements and investment in Magaluf over the winter, together with the new regulations recently approved by Calvia Council, clearly show that there is no way back from the transformation of this popular destination.”

Simon Manley, the British Ambassador to Spain, said:

“We want British visitors to Magaluf to enjoy themselves, as they do elsewhere in Spain. But we also want them to stay safe and to respect the laws and customs of Spain. We work closely with the local authorities in Mallorca and we welcome any measures that they can take to support those aims."


To access the new regulations (in Spanish) please visit: http://calvia.com/web/plantilles/jstl/Calvia/plt/general.plt?KPAGINA=196&KIDIOMA=2



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