All Room Mate Hotel guests can be connected both inside and outside the hotel

Room Mate Hotels, the Spanish hotel chain founded and chaired by Kike Sarasola, continues with its philosophy of constant innovation. Room Mate started to offer free Wi-Fi in all their hotels from 2005 and now, the company has added an exciting new service for its guests; WiMate - a free high-speed Wi-Fi device that guests can use all over the city they are visiting.

The initiative aims to respond to an increasing need for people to stay connected 24 hours a day, wherever they are. All guests who make their reservation directly on the Room Mate website will be offered a wireless router that can connect up to six devices on their arrival in the hotel.

Room Mate Hotels philosophy has always been "to step into the shoes of the customer", with unique details like serving breakfast until midday, free Wi-Fi throughout the hotel and different pillow choices for each guest. Now with this new service, the hotel chain hopes to continue making their clients feel more at home by allowing them to be connected across the city they are visiting.

Kike Sarasola, President and Founder of Room Mate Hotels
"One of the major problems when travelling was precisely the lack of connection and high roaming charges. With WiMate we are offering customers an essential service that we believe will make their trip more relaxed and enjoyable."
Kike Sarasola, President and Founder of Room Mate Hotels

This new initiative is available to guests staying at all of Room Mate’s Spanish properties (Madrid, Barcelona, Granada, Malaga, Salamanca and Oviedo) and there are plans to expand the offering into Room Mate hotels worldwide in the future.

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