The Spanish Tourist Office is delighted to launch a Slow Travel campaign entitled #SlowTravelSpain.

The #SlowTravelSpain campaign, will highlight sustainable forms of travel in Spain and its islands, recognising the importance of forming a connection with local people and cultures when travelling whilst also lessening harmful impact on communities and the environment. The campaign will focus on geographical diversification and aim to showcase low-impact activities and journeys that fit within the slow travel theme. 

Taking part in low impact activities, exploring quieter routes and travelling with seasonality in mind will provide visitors to Spain with a more authentic experience of the country. In the upcoming months Spain’s social channels will showcase different forms of slow travel through its regions, encouraging lovers of the country to explore its lesser-travelled paths.

Making the choice to slow travel through Spain could mean choosing to travel along the well-connected network of trains, a sustainable yet rewarding option, giving the opportunity to see the lush landscape pass by and discover parts of the country not reached by plane. Alternatively, it could mean participating in responsible activities; From cycling through the mountains of la Sierra Nevada and exploring the Pyrenees in the summer sunshine to hiking through one of the 16 National Parks and diving in the Biosphere Reserves along its coastline.

How you can get involved

In the upcoming months the Spanish Tourist Office will be monitoring the hashtag #SlowTravelSpain on its Facebook (Spain.info.gb) and Twitter (Spain_inUK) accounts to track the posts of people's slow travel experiences across Spain, and to award spot prizes to some of the most impressive entries. When posting photos and videos of low impact activities, quieter routes or other slow travel related topics in Spain, please use the hashtag #SlowTravelSpain to share your content.

How brands, bloggers and influencers can get involved

The Spanish Tourist Office is also looking for brands, bloggers and influencers who have recently visited or are planning a trip to Spain and would like to get involved with this campaign. The aim of the campaign is promote slow travel experiences in Spain and engage current followers with the sustainable and responsible travel options in Spain. The campaign would also seek to create new shareable content across multiple digital channels (blogs, YouTube) to be shared on Spain’s channels. To register your interest in receiving support from the Tourist Office for your content please complete the following registration form.



Please find graphics for the campaign here.

For further information on Spain as a visitor destination, please visit www.spain.info as well as the Facebook (Spain.info.gb) and Twitter (Spain_inUK) accounts.

For enquiries, please email SpainSocial@wearelotus.co.uk.

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