Spain’s Sustainable Media Awards

Spain’s Sustainable Media Awards

A celebration of UK Media working towards a future of sustainable travel in Spain

The Spanish Tourist Office is proud to launch the inaugural Spain’s Sustainable Media Awards to celebrate the UK media that best showcase sustainable travel in Spain encompassing social, cultural, economic and environmental sustainability.

The awards will recognise the work of 2022 UK Media that highlights sustainable travel themes within Spain, which could include social, cultural, economic and environmental factors. The categories will recognise the importance of forming a connection with local people and cultures when visiting, whilst also minimising any harmful impact on communities and the environment. Travelling sustainably means exploring lesser visited areas, visiting out of season and taking part in low-impact activities such as cycling and walking. 

2023 categories (UK MEDIA ONLY):

  • Consumer National Newspaper Sustainable Tourism Feature of the Year Award (print) 
  • Consumer Magazine Sustainable Tourism Feature of the Year Award (print) 
  • Regional Sustainable Tourism Feature of the Year (print/online) 
  • Online Consumer Sustainable Tourism Feature of the Year Award  
  • Sustainable Blog, Vlog or Podcast of the Year Award   
  • Top published Spain photographs  


  • All submissions need to have been published/executed between 1 January 2022 and 31 December.
  • UK Media Only
  • Third parties such as PR companies and tour operators are permitted to nominate individuals.

How to submit a nomination:

  • All submissions must be clearly marked ‘Spain’s Sustainable Media Awards SUBMISSION.’  
  • Each submission must include: Name of author/photographer/content-creator, date and title of publication a/o campaign, contact information (please note, if submitted by a third party, i.e. PR Company or tour operator, please also specify). 
  • 12 January 2023 and Friday 24  February 2023 - please send submissions to via email to spainawards@wearelotus.co.uk either in PDF format or a high-quality scan. For the online/ social categories, please send a link/links to the work (as indicated on the submission form).

Those shortlisted to win an Award will be invited to the Spain’s Sustainable Media Awards Ceremony, held on the 26 April 2023 at The Conduit, where the winners will be announced. To register interest in attending the Awards Ceremony please complete the form at the bottom of the page here.

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For further information on Spain as a visitor destination, please visit www.spain.info or email Spain@wearelotus.co.uk.