The shoulder-season months of March through to May are some of the best times to visit Spain and its islands, with dramatic Holy Week processions taking place throughout the country and with the entire peninsula blossoming with vivid blooms. Fewer visitors and cooler temperatures at this time of year make spring the perfect time to explore Spain in comfort, discovering the country’s authentic culture and extraordinary landmarks and landscapes. 

Below are five destinations to visit in Spain this spring. 

Palma de Mallorca, the Balearic Islands 

Whilst many associate the Balearic Islands with school holidays and summer months, this charming archipelago comes into its own during the shoulder seasons of spring and summer, where fewer visitors make the Islands ripe for exploration by foot, bike or boat. Mallorca’s capital, Palma, is particularly charming during spring, with long days perfect for wandering down Passeig del Born – the city’s renowned shaded shopping street – and admiring the dramatic cathedral of La Seu. Visitors can use Palma as a base to explore the rest of Mallorca, which is covered in thousands of almond trees blossoming during early Spring, covering the island in a pink-and-white blanket. Cycling is particularly popular in Mallorca where, during shoulder season, beaches are emptier, and lanes and villages are quieter. 

Seville, Andalusia 

The historic city of Seville is known for its soaring temperatures in the summer, making spring one of the best times to visit this city to enjoy comfortable, warm climes. Travellers can wander through the winding streets, explore the Dueñas Palace, watch the world pass by while sipping sangrias at pavement cafes, and possibly catch a local flamenco performance. Seville simply blooms during spring, with the arrival of the much-anticipated annual Feria de Abril (April Fair). This legendary week-long festival, originally a cattle fair, takes place two weeks after Easter, and includes  hundreds of stalls and marquees where locals gather, colourful flamenco and music displays, horse and carriage parades, and much more. 

Cieza, Murcia 

The lesser-known region of Murcia is home to one of the most spectacular natural spring sights: the blossoming of the peach trees at Cieza. Cieza itself is a historic town overflowing with history and, each spring, the environs of the town light up with vibrant pink blossoms – La Floración en Cieza. In 2023, a new Vía Verde greenway opened, allowing guests to take in the most beautiful views of the blossom. Cieza’s Holy Week celebrations are classified as an event of National Tourist Interest, during which colourful parades and a passion play take place. Whilst exploring Cieza, travellers should not miss a visit to the region’s capital, Murcia, which is home to extraordinary Moorish history and awe-inspiring Baroque architecture.  

Barcelona, Catalunya 

Barcelona attracts crowds throughout the year, but spring is perhaps the best time to explore one of Spain’s most popular cities – without the summer crowds. Visitors can escape Barcelona’s high summer temperatures with a trip earlier in the year, exploring Gaudí’s works or sitting back and soaking up the atmosphere on one of the city’s renowned beaches. The streets burst with colour in spring, and guests can take in the view by taking the cable car up to Montjuic, whose gardens are similarly technicolour during this season. Spring also brings with it some of the region’s best produce – enjoy sweet and tender calçots (a variety of onion) between January and April, a local specialty. On 23 April, join Catalonians to celebrate the lively festival of Barcelona’s patron saint, Sant Jordi: this festival is a delight for book-lovers, with the custom being to exchange roses and books with loved ones. 

Castilla y León 

One of the most memorable and moving places to visit during Semana Santa or Holy Week (this year celebrated between 24 and 30 March) is the province of Castilla y León, where Holy Week celebrations are a serious affair. In the town of Valladolid, the historic celebrations comprise of dramatic, costumed processions through the streets carrying religious statues, accompanied by sombre music and drumbeats. Holy week in Zamora, one of the oldest of such traditions in Spain, is particularly solemn, with hundreds processing through the streets to the accompaniment of funereal music or polyphonic chant, or even in complete silence. 

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