The Battle of the Flowers in Córdoba


Every spring Córdoba bursts into bloom with the annual Patios Festival. Visitors are welcomed in to private homes to admire flower decorated courtyards as they compete in the annual ‘Battle of the Flowers’ marking the start of the spring festivities.

Patios Festival in Córdoba

The festival which takes place this year from 8th to 19th May sees Cordovan patios elaborately adorned with colourful flowers, water features and hanging baskets. The celebration is a true feast of the senses with orange blossom, jasmine, carnations and geraniums filling the streets with floral scents and hinting that summer is on its way.

Historically flowers and water features set around a central courtyard or patio helped keep Cordovan houses cool during the summer months.  The residents took great pride in their colourful displays and the Patio Contest started in 1918.

There are a vast range of patios and courtyards to visit, from those owned by private families to the patios of the great monuments such as the Viana Palace which has 12 individually adorned patios representing five centuries of history.

As would be expected, the Patio Contest in Córdoba is supported by a host of entertainment and many of the larger patio hosts flamenco concerts and performances by local singers.


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  • The patios of Córdoba were recognised by UNESCO in December 2012 on the list of Intangible Heritage of Humanity

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