Turrón Mousse by José Pizarro


Anyone that has visited Spain over the Christmas period will know that turrón, a kind of sweet almond nougat is an essential part of the Christmas menu.

Renowned Spanish chef José Pizarro shares his simple turrón mousse recipe to bring a taste of Spain to the Christmas table.

Turrón Mousse by José Pizarro

There are two basic types of turrón: turrón de Jijona or turrón blando, which is so soft it is almost like a paste and it sticks rather deliciously to the roof of the mouth; and turrón de Alicante or turrón duro, which is hard but brittle.

For this recipe, make sure that you buy the best quality – suprema – soft version, which contains a minimum of 60 per cent almonds. 

Serves 4
24 golden raisins
4 tablespoons PX sweet sherry
2 whole free-range eggs, separated
4 tablespoons double cream
150g soft turrón blando

The day before you want to serve the mousse, put the raisins in a bowl with the PX sherry to marinate overnight. The next day, drain the fruit, reserving the sherry.

Use a food processor to cream together the egg yolks, double cream, sherry and turrón. Beat the egg whites until they form stiff peaks, then fold into the turrón mixture.

Put 4 raisins each into the bottom of four wine glasses.   Divide the mixture between the glasses and chill for a minimum of 6 hours.

Decorate each glass with two raisins and serve with caramelised almonds

We hope you enjoy the first of our Christmas recipes. Let us know!


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