• New pedestrianised areas
  • New stopover options
  • New hotels reposition Madrid as a top luxury destination: First Four Seasons hotel; Marriott & Hard Rock
  • Palace Liria opens its doors to the public offering new art proposition


Madrid is working towards becoming car-free and has new strategies to tackle air pollution and greenhouse gases which include increasing pedestrianised areas and cycling highways.

The city’s ‘Madrid Central’ project has already widened the walkways along the city’s central road – Gran Via - and it's in the process of transforming one of the busiest intersections of the centre, the Centro Canalejas, into an area with a greater pedestrian space from which to admire the newly restored facades of seven historic buildings.

The transformation of this large space between three streets will also result in a new large complex including a luxury hotel - the first of the Four Seasons chain in Spain - a residential area, an exquisite shopping arcade and a gourmet space.

Spanish Steps project

The iconic Plaza de España is also being renovated and will double the pedestrianised area to 40,000 square metres.

The renovation provides roads and cycling lanes to cross it from north to south and east to west and a long tunnel to absorb some of the road traffic. New plant species will occupy much of the new Plaza de España and the project involves the planting of 1,344 trees.

The Spanish Steps project serves as a connection for the city centre with some of the main green areas of the city. A walker will be able to get from the Debod Temple to the Royal Palace in 11 minutes or arrive from Plaza de España to Madrid Rio in 13 minutes (or 7 minutes if cycling), using the new routes that will be created after the renovation. It will also improve the routes to the Casa de Campo, which a runner could reach from Plaza de España without having to stop at any traffic lights.

Works are expected to be completed by the end of 2020.


Both Iberia and Air Europa are offering new stopover options in Madrid (Air Europa offer through travel agencies only). The airlines are offering a free stop in the Spanish capital to customers with flights from Latin America, connecting at Madrid airport with another flight of the same airline.

The goal is to offer a new service to its customers, strengthen its Madrid hub and boost demand on its long-haul flights.

Stopover is a leisure, gastronomic and cultural proposal, for travellers with connecting flights in Madrid, so that they can enjoy the city for up to six nights.


Liria Palace opens its doors

In September 2019, the neoclassical Palace of Liria opened its doors to the general public for the first time. Up to now, only private guests or art aficionadas willing to go on an extensive waiting list were able to visit. The Palace, home of the Duke of Alba, is one of the most important private residences in the city and will allow groups of 20 visitors to tour its ground and first floors every 30 minutes. Tours last 65 minutes. The Palace houses one of the greatest artistic legacies in the history of Spain and is the fruit of 600 years of patronage and collecting by the House of Alba.

More than a dozen rooms are accessed, including the library, which contains more than 18,000 volumes including the only collection of autobiographic letters by Christopher Columbus in private hands, the last testament of Fernando 'El Católico' or the first edition of 'El Quixote' of Madrid of 1605. Among the most outstanding pictorial works are the portraits of Francisco de Goya, as well as works by Titian and Rubens, Velázquez, Murillo, Zurbarán or El Greco, among other important artists.

Tickets, which include audio guide in different languages, have a general price of €14.


Turismo Madrid has launched a new loyalty campaign titled Vuelve a Madrid (Return to Madrid) which aims to attract repeat visitors to the Spanish Capital. By becoming a member of Vuelve a Madrid, travellers gain access to incredible offers such as dining experiences in the best restaurants, gift vouchers in shops, museum tickets, night time entertainment and much more!

Membership is free and available to over 18’s. All terms and conditions are available on the Vuelve a Madrid website.


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