On 21 June 2018, people across the world will take part in World Tapas Day – an annual international event, celebrating the traditional Spanish tapa.  

The event which is celebrated from 13 June until 21 June centres on Spain’s famous tapas, which is firmly engrained in Spanish culture and is globally recognised as a symbol of Spanish identity.

World Tapas Day offers food-lovers a chance to discover this exceptional culinary tradition and to taste new flavours with a variety of celebrations taking place across the world, such as festivals, special offers in restaurants and food tastings.

With food tourism on the rise, it is expected that World Tapas Day will further boost visitor numbers to Spain and strengthen the country’s position as a gastronomic hub. Tapas continues to be central to Spanish food culture, acting as a driving force for tourism. In 2017, close to ten million tourists travelled to Spain for gastronomic activities, a number that is expected to rise in 2018.

The word tapa is understood in most European languages and reflects the positive values of Spanish culture including diversity, harmony and community. World Tapas Day serves as a medium through which Spain fans can enjoy Spanish culture from their home countries. 



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World Tapas Day in London 

On 13 June, the Spanish Gastronomy Association 'Saborea Espana' is planning an exclusive media and blogger event to celebrate World Tapas Day. The event, which will be held at London-based Spanish restaurant, Hispania on 13 June, will be a celebration of tapas created by chefs across Spain's region. The evening will be attended by leading UK journalists, key members of the tourism industry, as well as esteemed Spanish chef Adolfo Adolfo Muñoz, president of Saborea España, Ana Redondo, president of the Spanish Association of Gastronomic Destinations and José Luis Yzuel, president of the Spanish Hospitality Federation.

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