Spain's Sustainability Day

The Spanish Tourist Office (UK) is hosting its first Sustainability Day on 26 April 2023 to address the new challenges of the tourism, from climate change to over-tourism and health crises and showcase Spain’s sustainable initiatives that have been implemented.

The event will consist of a sustainability conference in the afternoon and the Sustainable Media Awards in the evening:

SUSTAINABILITY CONFERENCE - The afternoon conference event will involve various keynote speakers and panellists taking to the stage comprising of leading sustainability professionals and academics.  The speakers will discuss sustainable travel strategies in Spain and focus on a range of topics, from the social aspect of sustainability, to dealing with mass tourism in hotspots, to how to escape greenwashing.  Full programme to be released shortly. For operators, relevant trade, and media.

SPAIN'S SUSTAINABLE MEDIA AWARDS - An evening award session for UK media who have contributed to Spanish sustainability in 2022.  The session will be held to announce the winners of the Sustainable Media Awards to celebrate the best work from UK travel writers showcasing green or sustainable initiatives in Spain. To find out more on how to nominate for the awards, go to Spain's Sustainable Media Awards.

The full-day event, on Wednesday 26th April, is in Covent Garden at The Conduit (6 Langley St, London WC 2H 9JA).  If you are UK media, tour operator or travel business register your interest for either event by completing the form below before March 1st

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Participants can attend either or both events. Invitation will be confirmed by LOTUS on behalf of the Spanish Tourist Office.