The World Design Organisation (WDO) has recently announced that Valencia is to be granted the prestigious title of World Design Capital 2022. This is the first time a Spanish city has received this accreditation and recognises the city’s uses of design as a tool to stimulate economic, social, cultural, and environmental development.

The designation highlights Valencia for the quality of its Mediterranean design and marks the beginning of a series of cultural events aimed to consolidate this legacy of design focusing on six strategic hubs in which action can be taken via design: health and wellbeing; education; innovation and economy; heritage and identity; equality, inclusion and diversity; and sustainability.

The “unanimous” decision from the WDO was based upon “the precision, rigour and professionalism” of Valencia’s candidature. Xavi Calvo, strategic co-director of the candidacy for Valencia, believes that design will ‘accelerate the processes of social transformation’ and hopes to embrace the opportunity in the fullest. Valencia has provided a plan and itinerary for their proposed projects that includes everything from industrial designs to stunning architecture. It will be in line with the city’s cultural agenda so that the public can be as involved with the works as much as possible.

Every month there will be one of four types of events taking place based upon a new theme: exhibitions, congresses, workshops, and conferences. The content of these events will be centred around pressing topics such as climate change, Mediterranean design, gender equality in design, the history of design, industrial development, design and nature, among others. Projects include DNA Ceramics, the Design Map, two projects entitled Lo por venir and Trampolín for the occupational inclusion of people with disabilities as well as many others that enhance the value of Valencian design heritage.


For more information on Valencia as a visitor destination and how to celebrate the festival visit www.visitvalenica.com 

For more information about Valencia being the World Design Capital 2022 visit https://www.wdcvalencia2022.com/

For more information on Spain as a visitor destination, please visit www.spain.info or contact Spain@wearelotus.co.uk.

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